About Us

S&J Texas Crafting is a Father and son business where we create items for your home and for enjoyment.

My dad has always worked with his hands since as long as I can remember. He was alway building things from wood.  I remember this coffee table he had built back in the late 90’s it was a round top with horseshoes imprinted on it. The color was a beautiful dark brown. He was always building things like that when I was growing up. Sometime in

Sometime in 2011 my dad just couldn’t work anymore because of his health issues. He lost sight in his right eye so now he can’t really drive anymore. My dad ended up moving up to Springtown Texas and living with my uncle. While his health declined I was in the military stationed at various locations. I couldn’t really help out too much. Bring us around to January 2017 and my dad asked me about getting a website built to be able to show people the work he was doing so he could sell some of the different things he built to help supplement his Social Security because it’s just not enough. When he called me I told him to let me think about it and I would get back to him. His need gave me the idea to turn it into a business. I have always wanted to build a business and I have even tried different businesses and found little to no success with them. I decided to call my dad back and pitch the idea of working together to build it into a business to support him and my family. He liked the idea and S&J Texas Crafting was born.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Joshus Light

I am the son in S&J Texas Crafting.