Benefits of the Bathtub Table

Benefits of having a Bathtub Table

Bathtub Tables are great because they provide you a place to put your phone, tablet, or book so you don’t get it wet. I use my bathtub table all of the time because it just makes taking a bath so much more enjoyable. I like to take my coffee with me into the tub because I am a hardcore coffee drinker but putting a coffee cup on the edge of the tub is very dangerous. With my table, I don’t have to worry about that anymore because it gives me a place to put my cup without it slipping off into the tub or onto the floor. I guess I could have put it on a non-slip coaster but then I am still balancing a cup of hot coffee on the edge of the bathtub, that is just not safe.

My Phone and the Tub

So I have always taken my phone with me into the tub because I get really bored just sitting there. I take baths more for the healing factor than I do for the enjoyment. You can’t sit in a bathtub full of cold water for 5 mins and get the full benefits from it. So when I take a bath I have to have something to do during that time. Before I had the table honestly I was always very paranoid about having my phone with me in the tub because I would get very tired of holding my phone in my hands but I wanted to watch my Youtube show. putting my phone on the edge of the tub was a very scary option because if my phone falls in the water it’s not cheap to replace.

This Article

I feel like this article is becoming like one of those commercials on tv, you know the one where they are like “Before (insert drug name) I couldn’t walk but after taking (drug name) I could walk across the country.” In all honesty, baths are just so much better since I built the bathtub table. It is a great product and I would recommend it to any woman or man because it just makes baths just so much better.

As at the time of me writing this article I have been taking baths almost every day because I have been having leg trouble and most of my issues stem of my feet. I am taking either a hot bath or a cold bath trying to make my legs feel better. It would really suck if I had to take a bath without the table because I spend about 10 to 30 mins in the tub. I could never just indulge in the tub like others.

Why should you buy our bathtub table and not just put a piece of wood across your tub?

Well, you could do just that go buy a piece of wood, cut it to the right size, stain it, and place it across your bathtub and use is as a table. What is the cost of doing that? Well other than the monetary cost you face a time cost. What is your time worth to you? Is it worth the time it takes to go to the store buy some wood cut it to fit your tub and everything else you have to do to it? I will take 2 to 3 days for us to finish one bathtub table. Is what you make going to be as nice as ours? I don’t know do you have wood working skills that it takes to make it that nice? There is a lot that goes into making these bathtub tables so they well worth the money to get one.

We offer two different options. A folding Bathtub table, for easy storage, and a non-folding one. Both have their benefits but really it just comes down to what type of space you have. Are you in a tight apartment or are you able to just leave the table there 24/7? Take a look at both and get the one that works best for you.

Folding Bathtub Table

Folding Bathtub Table

Non-Folding Bathtub Table




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