Finished Headboard Bench

Headboard Bench (Custom Build)

We built a Headboard Bench, We did what!?!?

We built a bench out of headboards!!! Why did we build a bench of headboards? We built a headboard bench because it looks cool.

Unfinished Headboard Bench

Unfinished Headboard Bench

Except for the metal brackets, the bench was made with 100% recycled materials.

After attaching the armrests and a base on each side to give it some weight we painted it antique white.

The dimensions on this are 17″ seat height / 17″ seat depth / 42″ seat length

Price tag: $95 plus tax

Finished Headboard Bench Headboard Bench


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Joshus Light

I am the son in S&J Texas Crafting.